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Hi! I'm Anisa. 20. England.
I make gifs and sometimes meta.

Captain Swan and Japril are fabulous ❀
Emma Swan and Killian Jones appreciation life ✿

I'm far too obsessed with all things Paramore, Disney and The Wizard of Oz (and currently Outlander). I get way too attached to fictional characters, and music and books are everything to me.

Anti-hate. I don't care who or what you ship as long as you're considerate and respectful of others.

Multifandom personal but pretty much a OUAT/CS blog.

Shouldn’t have started watching OUATIW because I’m kinda shipping Alice and Will… and I know that won’t end well for me.

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  1. kelsters said: I never actually watched ouatiw all the way through, but from what I did see I definitely shipped Alice x Will!! I didn’t really like Anastasia either… I always kinda feel like Will deserved better than her. Probably why I couldn’t get into watching it.
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